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Evan Gains Hope and Strength in Hawaii

Evan enjoys a beautiful view of Hawaii from his hotel room

“ Evan ran at full force, like he was never sick. ”

- Evan's mother

Evan and his family by a waterfall

Nine-year-old Evan from Whitefish, MT, has a knack for historical facts. When he is not reading his history books, he is prepared with information and ready to share his knowledge with the world. However, in 2010, Evan’s life was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoid leukemia.

For two years the family was separated, as one parent stayed with Evan in Spokane, where he was receiving treatment, the other traveled to visit them whenever possible. Make-A-Wish®, with the help of Jewelers for Children, wanting to bring the family together and give Evan a reason to smile, sent the entire family on a wish-come-true trip to Hawaii. Not only was Evan going to be reunited with his family, he would be doing so at his favorite historical site, Pearl Harbor.

While in Hawaii, Evan and his family spent the majority of their time relaxing with one another on the beach. Evan’s mother enjoyed watching her son “run through the water at full force, like he was never sick.” The part Evan loved most about his trip was visiting Pearl Harbor. After all, he had always dreamed of seeing the historical landmark that he had learned so much about. His parent’s favorite part of the trip was “being together and being normal again, being treated like our son was never sick.”

The family could not have been more appreciative for all Make-A-Wish and Jewelers for Children had done for them. Not only were they given an amazing vacation, they were given the chance to be together, bonding and making unforgettable memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.

  • Evan and his parents in the tropical forest of Hawaii

  • Evan in the cockpit

  • Evan and his family aboard a dolphin-watching cruise

  • Dolphins at play

[We loved] being together and being normal again, being treated like our son was never sick. ”

— Evan's mother

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