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Inspiration in Orlando

Zachary at the Holy Land Experience

“ Make-A-Wish made the entire trip perfect. ”

- Zachary's mom

Zachary is Baptized at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando

After months of deliberation, Zachary, 9, diagnosed with tetralogy of fallot, a life-threatening heart defect, knew exactly what he wanted for his wish.  He wanted to be baptized at the Holy Land Experience, a Christian theme park in Orlando, and then watch the Passion of the Christ play afterward.  

According to Zachary's mom, "Make-A-Wish more than made this trip possible, Make-A-Wish made the entire trip perfect."  From the time the family left Kalispell, MT, they had an incredible time.  To fulfill his wish, Zachary was baptized with his brother under a cascading waterfall at the Holy Land Experience and described the Passion of the Christ play afterward as "amazing" and "awesome." All who heard of his wish and story were inspired.

During his stay in Orlando, he also visited a few other amusement parks, including Universal Studios and SeaWorld, where Zachary and his family rode the Journey to Atlantis and fed dolphins.   The trip was topped off with a fun-filled day at LEGOLAND®

Zachary and his family enjoyed the inspiring and amazing time they spent together that wasn't spent worrying about doctor appointments.  Zach's family wrote us after his wish, saying, "It was a very unique and very fun, amazing, beautiful vacation for the family. We know it will be a family trip that none of us will ever forget, especially Zach."

  • Zachary baptized at the Holy Land Experience

  • Zachary and his brother at the Holy Land Experience

  • Zachary and his family at SeaWorld

  • Zachary feeds a dolphin

  • Journey to Atlantis!

  • Two brothers enjoying their time in Orlando

  • This wish kid met all sorts of fun creatures in Orlando

It was enjoyable for him and for all of us to have a family trip that wasn't planned around scheduled doctor visits. ”

— Zachary's Family

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