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Hawaiian wish for Jess


“ Jess was treated like the special girl she is on the entire trip! ”

- Jess' mom, Louise

  • Jessica , 17

    • collagenous gastritis
    • I wish to go to Hawaii
  • Jess , Jessica , Hawaii ,

Jess, 17, wished to see the ocean for the first time and visit Hawaii.

Jess suffers from a rare, incurable, chronic illness called collagenous gastritis. Diagnosed at 13, her last 4 years have consisted of numerous doctor appointments and surgeries all in the hope of finding some relief from her symptoms. The collagenous gastritis makes Jess' stomach hard, like a rock. Because of that food moves too slowly and makes her nauseous 24/7.

Even though doctor's aren't able to find a way to alleviate symptoms, Jess continues to live life as fully as she can.

Going to Hawaii with her family, seeing the ocean for the first time, riding horses, going to a luau and honing her photography skills were a much needed break and gave her a chance to enjoy herself without having to think about the next doctor visit - even if just for a short time.

Jess was treated like the special girl she is on the entire trip! Thank you Make-A-Wish for making her dream come true!

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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