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Terra Lets Her Cares Sail Away

Terra and her family on the beach

“ True power of a wish... ”

One of the best things in life is a good surprise. Whether it is a visit from a family member or a gift, good surprises always bring out the best emotions. Diagnosed with leukemia, 8-year-old Terra had been talking to her parents about going on a Disney cruise. She loved the idea of being able to sail on the ocean for the first time with all of her favorite Disney characters. When Make-A-Wish® found out about Terra’s idea, they began planning a surprise wish reveal.

In December, Terra's parents coaxed her into going to a dinner, telling her it was an event to support Make-A-Wish.  Terra had no idea that she was about to receive the greatest surprise of her life. In the middle of the dinner program, a surprise guest arrived in the backdoor.  It was Santa Claus with a bag of gifts.  He called each of Terra's siblings up by name and gave them a small gift.  Then he brought Terra up to the stage but could not find her gift in his bag. All of a sudden, Belle from Beauty and the Beast appeared and told Terra that she would be going on the Disney Cruise Line® in February. Terra could barely contain her excitement!

Terra and her family had a blast on their cruise. The experience was even more special than the family could have ever imagined. Terra spent time hunting for Tinkerbell's pixie and enjoying other activities aboard the ship with her family. She especially loved the tropical atmosphere of Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas. From a special wish reveal, to a magical wish experience, Terra felt the true power of a wish and the hope, joy and strength that it brings.

  • Terra in the cockpit

  • Terra and her family in their snorkeling gear

  • Enjoying a Mickey Mouse ice cream treat

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