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Macy's Helps Reveal Jordan's Wish To Travel to Paris

Jordan is presented with gifts by a Macy's associate

On December 14, Macy’s celebrated the season of giving with its fourth annual National Believe Day.   After school got out on Friday, December 14, the Helena Macy’s store got to work to host an extra special wish reveal for Jordan, the granddaughter of a former Macy’s associate who recently passed away after a battle with cancer.  Jordan, 12, diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, thought that her and her brother were just going to drop letters into Santa’s mailbox at Macy’s for National Believe Day.  However, when they got to the mailbox to drop off the letters, the store manager came up to them and helped them get them all in.  She asked for details about the letters, and told Jordan that this particular day was a very special day at Macy’s where they helped make wishes come true.  She told Jordan that she had heard about her wish to go to Paris and that she had some special news for her.  As soon as Jordan learned she was receiving her wish, she started tearing up and immediately searched out her father.  Jordan was overwhelmed with happiness at this amazing surprise.

The family spent an hour at Macy’s looking and collecting all of the amazing items that Macy’s had selected and set out for them, including a mother/daughter spa package, a signed Jessica Simpson photo, a cake with the Eiffel Tower on it and Taylor Swift perfume and a poster.  Macy’s provided Jordan with her own designated dressing room with her name on the door and she had the chance to pick out an outfit for her trip to Paris. There were white lights and an area to take photos to make her feel like a star. While at Macy’s, Jordan was also interviewed by media and enjoyed the goodwill and congratulations of everyone involved in the reveal.  Afterwards, Mackenzie River Pizza treated the family and their volunteer Chris Jensen to a free dinner, where the group discussed Jordan’s potential travel dates of late March.

Dec 14, 2012

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