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Student Fundraising

Hey students – let your imagination soar when you come up with ideas to help our wish kids!

Students of all ages in grade school, middle school, high school and college can select, organize, manage and complete fundraisers within their school, clubs, grade or group. As a part of these programs, students experience the joy of giving, develop school spirit, learn lots of skills, and work toward a common goal of making a wish come true.



A group of students enthusiastic about fundraising for Make-A-Wish

A group of students enthusiastic about fundraising for Make-A-Wish

Kids for Wish Kids®

KFWK logoKids for Wish Kids is a program designed specifically for elementary and high school students that allows them to help make a difference in the lives of kids with life-threatening medical conditions -- sometimes even their very classmates. 

Click here for a Kids for Wish Kids info packet with ideas.

Here are a few steps to help get your school involved in a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish®.

  • Invite a Make-A-Wish® representative to talk to your school

  • Designate one person to be in charge

  • Set a goal and chart your progress

  • Try to get other grades or your whole school involved

  • Start a Kids For Wish Kids Club!

  • By starting a club at your school, you are guaranteed to always have people help with fundraisers, have a variety of different people to come up with great ideas, be able to hold semester-long or bigger events more easily and be able to make wishes come true for years to come!

Lewis & Clark Elementary

Lewis & Clark Elementary

Graduation Projects

A Make-A-Wish fundraiser is a terrific way for students to fulfill their high school graduation requirements AND discover the valuable lessons in making a sincere difference in a child's life. We have lots of ideas and experience. See KFWK packet for a list of ideas.  

Wishmakers on Campus®

College students can be Wishmakers, too!  Through our Wishmakers on Campus® program, college students can raise money for local children who need a little magic in their lives. By getting together with your fraternity or sorority, athletic team, honor society, student government association, community service club, dorm or group of friends, you can raise the money that will make a life-changing impact in the life of a child. The average cost of a wish is $3,900 and any group that raises this amount or more is granted Wishmaker® status. However, any amount that you raise is greatly appreciated and will be used to help bring a smile to a very deserving child.

Click here for a Wishmakers on Campus activity guide with ideas and a fundraising form.

Group of weightlifters holding their Lift A Wish Make-A-Wish event banner

Group of weightlifters holding their Lift A Wish Make-A-Wish event banner

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