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Be a real life superhero!  Volunteers are essential to our commitment to bring hope and magic into the lives of sick children. Throughout our territory, volunteers are the faces of Make-A-Wish® to children, families, and donors. 

At Make-A-Wish® Montana we ask children four simple questions:
If you could GO anywhere, where would you go?
If you could MEET anyone, who would you meet?
If you could HAVE anything, what would you choose?
If you could BE anything, what would you be?

Our Make-A-Wish volunteers witness firsthand how asking these questions alters the lives of sick children and their families forever…for the better. And we bet your life changes as well.

Contact us at 406-259-9848 or to learn more. 

Tyler's volunteers

How to Become A Volunteer

Learn about the step-by-step process to become a Make-A-Wish volunteer.

Kathy & Arianna

Types of Volunteers

There are many different ways you can volunteer and help make a difference in a child's life.

State Manager Heather Ohs with volunteers


Answers to your most frequently asked questions about volunteering with Make-A-Wish!

Granting Wishes Fosters A Deeper Sense of Community

Wishes Foster Compassion

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Are you a volunteer?  Visit our Volunteers Only page to access volunteer forms, training manuals and more.

Volunteer Only

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Make-A-Wish® Montana
1015 Mount Ave
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