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How much of a time commitment is needed for volunteers?
Make-A-Wish® does not mandate specific time commitments for any volunteers. Some wishes, like gift wishes, are quickly and easily fulfilled. Some, like travel wishes, could take longer because the family travels on their timetable.

I'm not 21 years old. Can I still volunteer for Make-A-Wish?
Although all wish volunteers must be 21 years old to work on wishes, there are a number of other volunteer opportunities, including helping at events, working in the Make-A-Wish office or organizing a fund raiser at school.

Do I have to contribute to Make-A-Wish to become a volunteer?
No, you do not have to make a contribution to Make-A-Wish to become a volunteer. However, you will have to pay for a criminal background check, which is required by Make-A-Wish® America. 

Do wish volunteers travel with the family/child?
No, there are 61 other Make-A-Wish chapters around the country. When we send a wish family to another state, that chapter will help facilitate the wish.

Why are wishes handled by wish teams rather than individuals?
A two or three-person team provides a good support network when working on wishes. If one volunteer is busy, the other one can pick up the slack. And in emotional situations, it is good to have a wish partner to lean on. Finally, working in teams helps to protect volunteers from potential accusations of impropriety.

Do you receive funding from the United Way?
While Make-A-Wish® Montana is not a United Way agency, we do participate in its Contributors' Choice program in many of the counties it serves. Our United Way code is #70383. For more information on contributing through United Way in your county, please call Make-A-Wish at 1-877-574-WISH.

Montana State Manager Heather Ohs with volunteers

Montana State Manager Heather Ohs with volunteers

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