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Cordell's New Ride

Cordell in his new police car

“ Anytime police and fire vehicles are mentioned, Cordell's face lights up. ”

Cordell's Wish Comes True for a Battery-Powered Cop Car

Although Cordell cannot speak, all of his family and friends know about his love for cars, especially police cars and fire trucks.   Anytime police and fire vehicles are mentioned, his face lights up.  So it was decided that the perfect wish for Cordell would be a battery-operated cop car.

On the day of the wish, Cordell received a huge surprise. Make-A-Wish® volunteers showed up at his house with a megaphone, siren, cop badges, and his very own battery-operated cop car, equipped with sirens and a built-in megaphone system. The volunteers also brought Cordell’s favorite food, birthday cake, along with a full cop uniform for him to wear while driving around in his new ride.

Cordell now owned his very own cop car. He played for hours on end, and for that time, he got to forget about his doctors and treatments and simply enjoy being a child, living out his dream. Now, anytime that he wants to escape the battle that he has to fight against his illness, he can put on his uniform and get in his car and be a cop for a few hours instead.

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