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Max Becomes A Graffiti Artist

Max with his graffiti art masterpiece

“ It’s always been my dream ”

- Max

When a talented Montana teenager named Max had the chance to paint alongside a member of his favorite graffiti art crew, it was difficult to tell which one was the professional artist.

Max with Dave Ross

Max has a passion for art — particularly the work of the Stick Up Kids, a Germany-based art crew that includes graffiti artist Dave Ross, aka “Persue.”

So it was no surprise when 17-year-old Max, who is diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, told his Make-A-Wish® volunteers that his wish was to meet and paint with one of the Stick Up Kids artists. Persue was able to represent his team in meeting Max.

“It’s always been my dream,” Max said about his artistic wish. When the day of the wish arrived, Max and Persue immediately hit it off and spent hours discussing art as they worked on the mural. The two artists had a lot in common, including a shared love for graffiti art and obvious natural talents.

Max paintingThe mural they created is just another step in Max’s budding art career. He already has his work displayed at a local studio. Persue’s artistic influence started small, as well — his talent was discovered while painting a wall in a skateboard shop. Since then, Persue has crafted a career that includes everything from designing name-brand shoes to painting with multiple talented art crews around the world.

The outlook is positive for Max — after seeing the artwork created during Max’s wish, a local businessman immediately commissioned Max to paint a permanent mural on the wall of a city building. This generous young artist promised to share the power of a wish® by donating a piece of his artwork to a fundraiser for his local Make-A-Wish chapter.

  • Max and family with Dave Ross from Stick Up Kids

  • Max and family with Dave Ross from Stick Up Kids

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