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Building Memories in Florida

Taylon's wish gave him strength

“ Not only did he leave his diagnosis behind for the week, but he made memories that will last a lifetime. ”

A lot of kids spent their childhood creating masterpieces out of LEGOs. However, not many can say they entered a lifesize world of LEGOs. For eight-year-old Taylon, who is diagnosed with leukemia, that fantasy came true. In June, Taylon and his family explored LEGOLAND®, in Florida.

Cinderella's CastleOriginally, aspiring oceanographer Taylon, wished to swim with sharks. However, after realizing the dangers, he wished to go somewhere that he could look at sharks, but from a distance. He decided he wanted to go to Florida, but had trouble picking a specific place.

As an avid LEGO constructor, Taylon thought of the perfect wish while playing with favorite pieces.  He spent a week in Florida where he could see two of his favorite things, LEGOs and sharks. He also got to stay at Give Kids the World Village, which is a resort for kids just like him. To top off his trip, he spent plenty of time relaxing at the village’s 24-hour ice cream palace.

The highlight of Taylon’s trip was when he and his cousin were treated like true LEGOLAND® royalty and got to help open the park. After LEGOLAND®, his VIP treatment continued at Walt Disney World®, where he got to travel through secret passageways and ride plenty of rollercoasters.

Taylon had a new outlook on life after his trip. Not only did he leave his diagnosis behind for the week, but he made memories that will last a lifetime. Anytime he is feeling down, he can pull out his LEGOs and remember the great week he spent with his family. 

  • Taylon at the beach.

  • Fun in the sun

  • One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

  • Taylon in Egypt!

  • Taylon's journey to Atlantis

  • I'm Taylon, hear me roar!

  • Penguin encounter

  • Taylon ready for adventures at SeaWorld

  • Shamu Stadium

  • Shark attack!

  • Taylon with mom at SeaWorld

  • Taylon's shark encounter

  • Becoming a hero like Spider-Man

  • Taylon's Make-A-Wish party at the Big Horn resort.

  • Taylon's party guests give him a thumbs up!

  • Wish party room

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