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Hawaiian wish comes true for Casey


“ Just keep your cool, your life is in the hands of doctors. There's not much you can do but keep your attitude up. ”

- Casey


Casey is a delightful 15-year old girl who is very interested in geology.   An Earth Science class at Billings West High School sparked her interest in rocks and the stories they have to tell. She wanted to see an active volcano and other geologic formations in Hawaii, swim in the ocean and enjoy the beautiful location to create memories with her family. 

Casey and her family flew from Billings to Denver, then to Honolulu.  The captain on the flight to Honolulu treated Casey and her sister Candace like first class passengers!  They were able to go into the cockpit and were also given a special dessert. 

The Burrows family was met at the Honolulu airport by a Make-A-Wish Hawaii volunteer who assisted them in finding the rental car area and presented them with beautiful traditional Hawaiian leis.   During their time in Hawaii, they went on a helicopter ride to view Mt. Kilauea and the geography of the island.  They also went to a Sea Life Park and Zoo, attended a traditional Hawaiian Luau, rode horses and swam with dolphins.  Casey’s mother Bunny stated,  “We would have never been able to do any of this on our own, without the generosity of Make-A-Wish.”  Casey enjoyed the dolphin experience and horseback riding most of all.  Casey’s father Travis and 13-year old sister Candace also enjoyed the trip.  This was the family’s first experience on an island and they loved being near the ocean.  They also appreciated the kindness of the Hawaiian people.  Bunny said, “We got to go to the first of the line at the luau and it was wonderful.” 

The Sheraton Waikiki hosted Casey and her family.  Hotel personnel were pleasant and kind, and the valet parking was “a life saver.” 

Casey, Candace, Bunny and Travis returned to Billings on July 31, 2016v at 9:30 a.m.  Even though they had flown on a red-eye flight and were awake most of the night, they were smiling and appeared very happy and relaxed as they got off the plane.  They are grateful for their wonderful Hawaiian experience and memories!

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