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Truly Magical Disney Adventure

Michael with Woody

“ Something we will hold near and dear to our hearts forever! ”

- Michael's mom

Many kids dream to visit the magical world of Walt Disney World®, and meet their favorite characters.  This spring, five-year-old Michael’s wish became reality when he spent a wonderful week in this fairytale land.

Michael and his family at Cinderella's CastleAccording to Michael’s mom, this special wish kid and his family had the most amazing time during their vacation in Florida.  His mom wrote, “I haven’t seen a grin that big on Michael’s face in a really long time! It was truly magical!” Michael couldn’t contain his excitement as he tried new rides and met his favorite characters.  His parents thought he would just want to ride the small child rides, but they were wrong.    When they approached the first ride, Michael looked and his parents, said, “This is for little kids — I want to ride the roller coasters,” and kept on walking. Michael took his parents on every roller coaster he was tall enough to ride, including his favorite, Splash Mountain.  Michael rode the coaster four times, and probably would have kept on riding if there weren’t more rides to try and other attractions to explore.

Michael made the most of his trip, making sure to visit all the Disney parks, Universal Studios and SeaWorld.  During the trip, Michael also got to meet Woody from Toy Story, participate in the sea lion show at SeaWorld and received a big hug from Bob the Builder’s Handy Manny.  Michael was happy that his grandmother was able to join him and his parents on their excursion to SeaWorld and a trip they took on their own to Cocoa Beach, where he got to see the ocean for the first time.

Although everyone was exhausted by the end of the vacation, they all could not say enough about the experience and declared it as the “best vacation ever.”  Michael’s mom said the vacation, which was the first time they could enjoy something together as a family since Michael’s cancer diagnosis, is “something JJ and I will hold near and dear to our hearts forever!”

  • Michael gets a hug from Handy Manny

  • Michael enjoys a sea lion show

  • Michael running along the shore at Cocoa Beach

I haven’t seen a grin that big on Michael’s face in a really long time! It was truly magical! ”

— Michael's mom

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